Minnesota is a great state. It's America's little slice of Canada and there is nothing more indicative of that than the hair. Just ask John King, the mind behind the Minnesota State High School All-Hockey Hair Team. The 2019 edition, which will be the final one, is here and the players are going out with the flow. Every participant has an absolutely fantastic mane to boast.

This year's theme appears to be mullet fades. A lot of players seem to have hair piled on top and flowing out the back -- yet nothing on the sides. One can only assume they've been watching a lot of "Peaky Blinders" lately.

Brock Olson's mustache at No. 7 might be getting a slighted a bit for his hair, but we'll let it slide. After all, we don't make the criteria.

Flows are just a mainstay of the hockey world. You need to have something to flaunt when you scoop your helmet off (the video mentions Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who got the year of the hair flip off to a rousing start).

Who your No. 1 is will always be a matter of opinion. Do you go by volume? Style? Fluff? But King has been at this a long time. His mantra appears to be that less is more -- Teagan Kamm's highlighted mullet with mutton chops appeared to be doing a bit too much. You've got to respect consistency.

This is the final cut of the viral All-Hockey Hair Team clips, according to the Hendrickson Foundation's "Hockey Changes Lives" GoFundMe page. The foundation supports sled, special and military hockey in Minnesota. It's been a fun ride, and we all know the state's hairstyles will endure.