Australian Kitty Chiller called for higher security at the Rio Olympics. Getty Images

The Australian Olympic Committee has demanded higher security in Rio de Janeiro after two members of the Paralympic sailing team were robbed at gun point on Sunday.

Liesl Tesch, a gold medalist at the 2012 Olympics, was on a bike ride near her hotel with team physiotherapist Sarah Ross, when they were approached by an man armed with a gun.

Tesch explained the incident to the Australian Broadcasting Corp:

"I think he said dinero ... which means money, so I lifted up my shirt and said: 'look I don't have any money.' He then said something else and pointed the gun at me and pushed me in the shoulder and I just toppled over with my bicycle and he just grabbed my bicycle, and the other guy was wrestling the bicycle from our team physio [Ross]. And they just rode off into the park. It was absolutely horrific, I can see it clear as day in my own head ... it was a pistol."

Neither athlete was harmed in the incident, but Tesch took to Twitter to warn others.

Tesch won gold in sailing at the London Paralympics and has also won silver and bronze medals in basketball.The AOC Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller addressed the media Tuesday, calling for higher security standards in Rio.

"The Rio organizers need to introduce the extra security precautions as soon as possible before an athlete gets hurt. We have written to them today asking them to address this issue. ...

"The Paralympic sailors were confronted by the men in broad daylight, it was 7.30 in the morning, and right near their accommodation. There were people around but no one came to their assistance. This is a major concern and the only answer is for the authorities to put extra police and security on the ground now."

This is the latest piece of bad press for the 2016 Rio Olympics organizers, who have had to deal with concern over the Zika virus and fears that the infrastructure won't be complete in time for the Games. The Rio government also declared a "public calamity" over finances ahead of the Games.

The Rio Organizing Committee has promised to mobilize a security force of 100,000 police, military and other personnel in time for the Olympic Games, which begin on August 5.