Perhaps it was just a simple case of lost in translation, but according to TMZ, several members of Team USA "accidentally" went to a brothel in Rio de Janiero on Wednesday.

According to TMZ, DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, DeMar DeRozan and three other players went to the brothel thinking it was a spa. The players quickly realized that the establishment was offering a different type of rest and relaxation than a typical spa so they paid their bar tabs and left.

The brothel the players visited is called the Termas Monte Carlo and, according to Rolling Stone, it actually is a spa but has some extra benefits, which is the norm in Brazil:

Centaurus and Rio's other high-end brothels, like Monte Carlo, Solarium and 4x4, are known as termas - which means they're ostensibly spas. The conventions at these places are the same: walk in, get handed a locker key, get naked, put on a robe. Downstairs are the spa accommodations. Upstairs, the girls. This system was conceived by the pioneering top termas, Aeroporto, which used to be located near Santos Dumont, the smaller of Rio's two airports, where breathtaking views of the city's peaked coastline are offered upon takeoff and landing.

So this was likely just a simple mistake by the players. They are after all in a country unfamiliar to them. Yet as Yahoo's Dan Wetzel points out, the players were obviously looking to have a good time in Rio because if they wanted to go to a spa, they could've just went to the one on the luxurious cruise ship they are staying on while in town for the Olympics.

But overall, it seems like the players didn't do anything too mischievous and were able to avoid anything too embarrassing to happen. Which, after Draymond Green's Snapchat snafu, may be hard to do.