Couric is returning to NBC for another Olympics.  USATSI

Katie Couric will be back on NBC after the network announced that she will be joining Mike Tirico in the booth on Feb. 9 for Pyeongchang's Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The announcement was made by Jim Bell, NBC's president of Olympics production and programming, on Wednesday.

The ceremony, which will air at 8 p.m. ET on Feb. 9, will be held at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea. NBC also announced that, for the first time, fans will be able to stream the ceremony live.

Couric explained her return to the booth.

"During my years at NBC, I loved covering the Olympics and showcasing the hard work, dedication and perseverance of athletes from around the world," she said, via Deadline. "The Opening Ceremony will be a chance for South Korea to share its culture and customs and for the international community to celebrate this unparalleled display of athletic achievement and sportsmanship. There's nothing quite like it. I'm also looking forward to working with [Tirico], who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to everything he does."

Couric will also interview athletes and provide coverage for NBC throughout the Winter Olympics. 

This will be Tirico's first Opening Ceremony, which is a far cry from Couric's experience of three ceremonies. However, Tirico has been preparing for the event for over a year, whereas Couric only just found out she'd be co-hosting.

"I've been paying attention to a lot of the things that've been going on in the world," Couric said, via CNN. "Some of the athletes of course I know, but luckily I'm a quick study and a fast learner and hopefully I'll have everything under my belt."