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Athletes and team officials that are arriving in Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics are testing positive for COVID-19 at a higher rate than workers and media members at the event. According to figures that were released by local organizers on Tuesday, there were 11 positive COVID-19 tests among 379 athletes and team officials that arrived on Monday.

Those that tested positive have begun isolating in nearby hotels in order to avoid spreading COVID-19.

The positive test rate is currently 2.9 percent for athletes and team officials, while it is sitting at a 0.66 percent rate for others at the Games.

During a three-day period from Saturday through Monday, the positive test rate for athletes and officials arriving in Beijing was 40 percent higher than the other Olympic workers arriving. Furthermore, on Monday the rate of infections of those inside the Olympic bubbles was 100 times higher for athletes and officials compared to other workers.

In total, five out of 3,103 tests from athletes and officials came up positive, compared to just one of 60,000 tests from the "stakeholders" group, which is made up of media members and other workers. Since Jan. 23, 200 total positive COVID-19 tests were recorded at the Beijing Olympics.

Of those tests, 67 were from athletes and officials while "stakeholders" accounted for 133.