Foreman wants Seagal in the ring. USATSI

Fresh on the heels of Mayweather vs. McGregor, there could be another superfight on the horizon. You asked for it (probably not) but it's coming (probably not) ...I hope you all are ready for George Foreman vs. Steven Seagal. 

Foreman -- the former two-time heavyweight championship boxer and guy responsible for the grill that burned Michael Scott's foot -- took to Twitter on Monday to challenge Seagal, the martial arts movie star, to a fight.  

Foreman included a photo of Seagal just to make sure there was no confusion, which was considerate of him. (Although that's a pretty old photo, as Seagal now looks like a near-carbon copy of his South Park character.)

Foreman's motive for challenging Seagal is still a bit unclear, though he claims that he doesn't have any anger towards the actor. Maybe the boxer was displeased with Seagal calling the recent NFL protests "disgusting," or maybe he's just itching to come out of retirement and get himself on the most random pay-per-view card of all time. 

Seagal has yet to formally respond to the challenge, so now we wait. One thing is for sure, though -- the man has excellent footwork. 

Either way, I definitely didn't know that I needed a George Foreman-Steven Seagal PPV in my life prior to today, but I'm pretty sure I need a George Foreman-Steven Seagal PPV in my life.