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On Thursday, WBA Boxing reposted a video announcing that boxing legend Roberto Duran was discharged from the hospital and will continue his COVID-19 recovery at home. He is reportedly recuperating with his family and is in better health. 

A video of the 69-year-old was posted on Twitter and Instagram, with Duran giving a thumbs up while medical professionals around him clapped for his recovery.

He wrote a post on Instagram regarding his status, which translated to English reads:

"Good afternoon my people! Today, with God's favor, I returned home after battling the COVID-19 virus. It was a World Championship fight, which I could win as a team, with the support, love and dedication of a medical team, who not only took care of me, but of all the patients, who, like me, fought in the hospital against this virus, which does not discriminate against legends, world titles, social status, race, religion, etc ... To all those people who continue in the fight, I send a lot of strength and my prayers, to their relatives so that they do not lose their hopes and know that God is in control. To all my fans around the world, I thank you for praying for me and for all your messages of encouragement. I will never tire of thanking all the doctors, nurses, who give their best every day, regardless of the risk they take. I may be a former World Champion, but you are the true CHAMPIONS OF LIFE. I care for you all, please # stay in the house, follow the # quarantine and under no circumstances let anyone enter your house. Stone hands."

Top names from the fighting world including Sugar Ray Leonard and Canelo Alvarez sent Duran well wishes and hopes of a speedy recovery. The video messages were posted on Durán's Instagram story.

Duran was initially hospitalized on June 25 and was having cold-like symptoms. Due to previous conditions related to lung health, he and his family made the decision to be cautious and seek medical treatment.