The father of former Georgia football player Devin Willock has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Georgia Athletic Association related to the deadly crash that killed Willock and Georgia staffer Chandler LeCroy in January. The lawsuit seeks $40 million in damages.

The case was filed Tuesday in Gwinnett County, Georgia, by Dave Willock Sr., alleging wrongful death, negligent hiring and negligence. In addition to Georgia and the estate of LeCroy, former Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter was named as a defendant, along with Sarchione Auto Group -- which signed Carter to an NIL deal to provide him a 2021 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk. Toppers International Showbar was also named a defendant. 

Willock and LeCroy were killed in a car accident during the hours after Georgia celebrated its second consecutive national championship with a parade in Athens, Georgia. According to police, LeCroy, a Georgia recruiting staffer, was driving a vehicle leased by the athletic department more than 100 miles per hour while street racing with Carter. The car left the road and hit two power poles and multiple trees, killing LeCroy and Willock. Former Georgia player Warren McClendon and staffer Tory Bowles were also injured.

LeCroy's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when the accident occurred. 

Carter was arrested March 1 ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft Combine and charged with reckless driving and street racing. He pled no contest to charges and was given 12 months probation, a $1,000 fine, 80 hours of community service and was required to complete a stand-mandated defensive driving course. 

Willock's lawsuit alleges Carter had a "pattern of excessive speeding" that the car dealership should have taken under consideration after multiple speeding tickets in the previous months. Carter was previously cited for clocking nearly 90 miles per hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone on an Atlanta Highway. He was fined $1,013. 

Multiple other Georgia football players have been ticketed for major traffic violations in recent months. Linebacker Jason Dumas-Johnson was arrested for racing and reckless driving just five days before the deadly incident that killed Willock. Defensive back Javon Bullard received a DUI charge in Fall 2022 but was never officially suspended for the incident. Just this week, wide receiver De'Nylon Morrissette was arrested on multiple driving-related charges, including a DUI.