One thing you learn quickly at conference media days is that there will be all types of questions from various walks of life. Most of those questions are predictable. Media members know that "talk about" and "lengthy statement as a preface to an awkwardly worded two-part question" are two oft-lampooned forms of questions. 

Texas Tech defensive back Jah'Shawn Johnson was ready for them. He, along with some teammates and the program's sports information staff, came up with an eerily accurate bingo board predicting what types of questions they would be asked at Big 12 Media Days. 

Lo and behold, Johnson marked off all but a few boxes. 

"We got together and came up with a few questions we thought the media would ask us, so I did bingo earlier and I have a bunch that I can mark out now," Johnson said, via USA Today. "It's been fun."

The only thing I wonder about is which box did this question check off?