LOOK: Florida State wide receiver lines up backwards pre-snap in game vs. Louisiana-Monroe

Lack of proper hydration was a bit of a concern for Florida State coach Willie Taggart as his Seminoles got set to face Louisiana-Monroe in Week 2 of the college football season, but it seems he has bigger troubles on his hands: his players lining up correctly.

Against Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday afternoon, FSU wide receiver Tre' McKitty spread out wide left off the line in single coverage ... and also backwards. As wonky as it looked, the play -- a handoff to running back Cam Akers -- went for a 10-yard gain. McKitty lined up facing the wrong direction only briefly before settling in to a normal stance.

Was this an accident? Is it possible McKitty was dehydrated and confused? Or, perhaps, was this an intentional gaffe to throw off the defense? You be the judge here, but McKitty is not a no-talent slouch. A former three-star recruit, he garnered nearly three dozen scholarship offers before committing to the Seminoles in 2016. I think we can give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk this up to the weirdest scheme wrinkle of the early college football season.

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