As the world continues to deal with the ongoing threat that is the coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA announced Wednesday that it would be extending the recruiting dead period an additional six weeks. Originally set to expire on April 15, the threat continuing to grow has forced the NCAA to extend the deadline through May 31.

"The Division I Council Coordination Committee and the Division II Administrative Committee extended the recruiting dead period through May 31," the statement read. "The committees will continue to be guided by experts to determine whether the date needs to be extended."

On March 13, two days after the NBA suspended its season, the NCAA announced that it would institute a recruiting dead period through "at least April 15." The NCAA advised schools to suspend any official and unofficial on-campus visits for recruits, though coaches are still allowed to contact them through phone calls, text messages, and written correspondence.

Given the unknown nature and timeline of the coronavirus pandemic, it's hard to say whether the current dead period will need to be extended yet again. Hearing the current projections as it pertains to COVID-19, however, it would not be a surprise if another extension was implemented.