PHOTO: College Football Playoff unveils its new trophy

college football playoff trophy
The trophy that everybody is playing for. (College Football Playoff)

Gaze upon it in wonder, college football fan! For it is not the last time you'll be seeing it.

That's the new trophy that will be given to the winner of the College Football Playoff this season, as college football moves on from the dark ages of using math and computers to select two teams and will instead use the opinions of people to choose four.

Wait, that didn't come out how I meant it to.

Anyway, as for the trophy itself, is there any real reason to have a strong opinion on a trophy? If you have real feelings about this thing, I suggest reevaluating some things. I think it's fine. It kind of looks like the Bat Signal for the playoff, as it appears to be shooting the College Football Playoff logo into the sky, calling for College Football Playoff Man to come and save the day (I'm not supposed to tell you, but College Football Playoff Man is just Bill Hancock in disguise).

The trophy weighs 35 pounds and is made from 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel. So you can work out with it or bludgeon somebody with it. It's versatile!

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