On Saturday during Georgia's game against Auburn, photographer Chamberlain Smith was knocked unconscious after Bulldogs running back Brian Herrien accidentally collided with her while sprinting out of bounds. 

After the collision, Smith was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. The photographer shared in an update on social media that she is relieved to be "walking away with nothing more than a concussion and some bruises."

She thanked everyone for the support and said she is going to take the next few days to recover at home but then will be back on the sidelines. Smith, who works as an intern for Georgia's sports information department, ended the post with "#godawgs."

Smith has also since shared the photo of Herrien she was taking as the incident occurred. She said it was "the last thing my camera & I saw before being tackled."

Herrien responded, saying he knew it would be a good picture. "YOU'RE THE BEST," he wrote.

The running back added in a separate post that his heart goes out to Smith and her family, and that he prayed for a speedy recovery.

Herrien has been retweeting and responding to messages wishing Smith well and complimenting her incredible photography skills since the incident happened.

Sports reporter Marvin Jones said Herrien recognized the situation was bigger than football when the hit occurred. He said the running back, who was "genuinely concerned" had to be told to go to the sideline because he was waiting to hear an update on Smith's condition.