This is it -- the final week of the regular season (save for Army-Navy).

The College Football Playoff race has become infinitely more clear following Week 13. Realistically, there are seven teams capable of filling four slots. Conference championship week will be the final step in reducing that number to four.

Of course, Week 14 could go one of two ways. It could go chalk with each conference's higher-ranked team winning. Then, the only debate would likely be whether to include Ohio State and leave out Wisconsin (or include both and drop, say, Washington).

Or, it could descend into absolute madness. Imagine Alabama, Washington, Clemson and maybe even Oklahoma all losing. What then? Even though we're down to the end, there's still so much that could happen.

Here's how each Power Five conference championship ranks relative to its playoff implications heading into the final weekend.

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 15 Florida

5: You don't need share it with Alabama coach Nick Saban, but if we're being honest with ourselves, losing the SEC Championship Game doesn't negatively impact the Crimson Tide's playoff chances. Win and they're No. 1 wire-to-wire. Lose, and things get mildly interesting -- enough to warrant a head tilt. But after the dominating season Alabama has had, it's hard to imagine the selection committee dropping it five spots. And what if Florida wins? Well, do you really want to subject Jim McElwain's group to as many as two more games when it's held together by safety pins and duct tape?

No. 10 Oklahoma State at. No. 9 Oklahoma

4: There's one true playoff hopeful in this game and it's Oklahoma. Even then, it's a long shot. That's what happens when you get beat handedly by Houston and Ohio State. Oh, and apologies to Oklahoma State. Your controversial loss-that-shouldn't-have-been-a-loss to Central Michigan should be taken into greater consideration by the committee; otherwise, why have the human factor if it can't be nuanced about that kind of outcome? However, that loss still stands and, well, thems the breaks. As for the actual matchup, neither team has lost since September. Both offenses have quarterbacks who can sling it deep and receivers -- from Oklahoma's Dede Westbrook to James Washington and Jalen McCleskey of Oklahoma State -- who can go get it. This one should be wild.

No. 3 Clemson vs. No. 23 Virginia Tech

3: The ACC's playoff hopes rest on Clemson, but Virginia Tech is a tough hurdle for the final four. The Hokies have the ACC's second-best pass defense in yards per attempt allowed (6.1) behind only -- you guessed it -- Clemson. However, this will be the deepest, most talented passing attack Tech has faced (or will face) this year. And when Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson cuts it loose, he's difficult to defend. Don't overlook Hokies quarterback Jerod Evans in this game, however. If he and receiver Isaiah Ford get cooking, the Hokies can absolutely go toe-to-to with Clemson offensively.

No. 8 Colorado vs. No. 4 Washington

2: Like all the other conferences listed so far, it looks as though the Pac-12 has one hope for the playoff. That would be Washington, as CBS Sports' Jerry Palm called the Buffaloes an "unlikely" choice for the final four even if they win. This is a tough matchup, though. Colorado has the same type of fast, physical secondary Washington does with a legit pass defense to boot. That poses concerns for Huskies quarterback Jake Browning and his ability to get the ball to John Ross and Dante Pettis downfield. Colorado is a confident team, too, and that's dangerous.

No. 6 Wisconsin vs. No. 7 Penn State

1: Here's where things get interesting. The overwhelming belief is that No. 2 Ohio State is in the playoff no matter what. To be sure, you don't need to win your conference to be one of the four best teams in college football. As mentioned above, Alabama could prove that. However, conference championships do matter to the committee, and they'll be tasked with weighing just how much with Penn State and Wisconsin. After all, if a top-10 team wins its conference and doesn't get in over a non-divisional champ from the same league, then what was the point of the game?

How many Big Ten teams make the playoff? One? Two? Three? Depending on what happens between the Badgers and Nittany Lions, coupled with the landscape elsewhere, chaos could still prevail. That's what makes this the No. 1 game to watch this weekend.

Games affecting the Group of Five's New Year's Six spot: No. 17 Western Michigan vs. Ohio, Temple at No. 19 Navy.