Virginia defensive back wins $100,000 in the lottery, able to keep the money

Luck is certainly on the side of Virginia defensive back Chuck Davis. The redshirt freshman won a whopping $100,000 in the Virginia Lottery's Cash 5 game, according to the lottery's website

Davis stopped at a local 7-11 in Ashburn, Virginia, where he lives, following a morning workout to pick up some coffee. While at the store, he played Cash 5 and selected the numbers suggested to him by his grandmother. 

"I looked at the numbers on the website after the drawing and said, 'I… won!'" Davis told the website. Here's a photo of Davis with his novelty check ...  

Davis has some spending money now. VA Lottery

For the record, the winning numbers were 1-3-4-7-9. (Not 1-2-3-4-5, the same combination I use for my luggage.) 

Also for the record, Davis will be able to keep his winnings as a similar situation arose in 2008 when an Ohio University lineman won $250,000 on a lottery drawing, according to ESPN.

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