Former Cleveland Browns and Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon said in an extended video Tuesday that he's been "enabled" most of his life, given multiple chances for his substance-related issues because of his ability. While at Baylor, Gordon was suspended during his sophomore season after police found him and a teammate with marijuana in the car. 

Gordon was then suspended indefinitely prior to his junior season and left the program in August 2011, reportedly because of a failed drug test. As the focus of a new 13-minute video for "Uninterrupted," Gordon explains that, after his first run-in with the police, he was given instructions on how to pass drug tests that would be coming in the future. 

"Not too long after I got arrested for possession of marijuana at Baylor, one of my coaches came by saying, 'You are going to get drug tested by the compliance office. This is how it's going to work, this is what they are going to do. If they do call you in, here goes these bottles of detox.' He showed me how to drink them, showed me how to take them," Gordon said. "That was my first experience with, like, getting over on the system and the authority not really being serious because it was kind of being guided by someone who was employed by the university."

Art Briles was fired prior to the 2016 season after an investigation into the football program on the handling of sexual assault allegations. The finding of facts document compiled by Pepper Hamilton, a Philadelphia law firm hired by the school, and released by Baylor not only found inadequate institutional response to sexual violence but concerns about "accountability for all forms of athlete misconduct." 

The 2017 book "Violated," by Paula Lavigne and Mark Schlabach, dove deeper the Baylor culture and found the program using loose testing (or no-testing) policies for marijuana to avoid the strict punishments associated with the university's conduct code. A Baylor regent also told the authors that they felt the program's drug policies prevented players from receiving proper attention for addiction issues.

Gordon is currently suspended from the NFL for multiple violations of the league's substance abuse policy. He was hoping to be reinstated at the start of the 2017 season but remains sidelined.