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Penn's homecoming game against Yale experienced a lengthy delay at halftime on Saturday when protesters stormed the field at the end of the first half, with many remaining on the field for more than an hour.

As the first half concluded with the Quakers and Bulldogs tied at 10, protestors associated with Fossil Free Penn ran onto the field carrying signs demanding that the university divest from fossil fuel investments, save the UC townhomes and pay local taxes via the PILOTs program. Some protesters in the stands also unfurled banners hanging from the upper deck of the stadium.

Prior to interrupting the game, protesters handed out flyers to fans in attendance demanding that Penn become a force for "climate and community justice." The group also noted that it only wished to delay the game, not cancel it. 

Many of the protesters left on their own accord, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, but ones that remained were eventually detained by police and removed from the field. The protesters being led out could be heard chanting,"Which side are you on?" as they exited.

Once the field was cleared, the second half began with the Ivy league rivals poised to determine a winner in a key game for the conference standings. Penn and Yale entered the game tied near the top of the Ivy League standings with 2-0 records.