Michael Jordan at Final Four

A baseball that Michael Jordan signed when he was 13 years old is reportedly up for auction. The ball was signed in 1976 when Jordan played for a local baseball team, in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Given everything else about Jordan's legacy in the world of sport, the ball was signed by everyone on the team to commemorate a championship season that the Babe Ruth League youth baseball team had achieved. According to the ball itself, the team won 11 games and lost only three.

Goldin Auctions is hosting the sale of the ball, which comes with a letter of authorization from Jordan's former baseball coach, Richard Neher, along with the little league roster and a photograph of the team. The coach had the ball in his possession until 2002, when he decided to sell it.

"It is the sport that pulled Michael Jordan away from basketball," the baseball's description reads on the auction site. "America's pastime baseball was always a part of the great Michael Jordan's sporting legacy. Already a superstar basketball player in high school, Jordan was an excellent baseball player, so much so, his father - the late James Jordan hoped his son would become a professional baseballer."

The bidding began at $2,500 and is currently at $3,250 as of this posting.