The Washington Commanders have been eyeing an exit from FedEx Field for years, and a new report indicates they have started to put things in motion. The team has acquired an option to purchase 200 acres of land in Prince William County, Virginia, that could serve as the site for a new stadium and more. The option to purchase the land would cost the franchise $100 million, according to the Washington Post. 

The land is located in Woodbridge, Virginia, about 23 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. The Commanders could purchase another 65 to 70 acres in neighboring Dumfries, Virginia, which is further south down I-95, according to ESPN. 

So why did the Commanders choose this land? Washington's NFL franchise reportedly likes this spot because of the things it can build apart from a new stadium. We are talking about retail shops, restaurants and even apartments.

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"According to a source, their plans include a 60,000-seat domed stadium -- so it can be used throughout the year -- as well as: the team's practice facility; an amphitheater that seats between 15,000 and 20,000; a small indoor music arena; high-end retail shops; bars and restaurants and residential living. The roof would be translucent and the stadium's facade could change colors -- it would be white during the day and, for example, burgundy at night."

Creativity in this venture is something both team owner Dan Snyder and team president Jason Wright have spoken about. Back in 2016, Washington even created a model for a new stadium that featured a legitimate moat for kayaking and tailgating purposes! 

"We're taking inspiration from everywhere," Wright said one year ago. "If we're gonna do something that our fans really deserve, which is cutting-edge and innovative, we gotta take in all these ideas ... We can be creative."

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Money is an obvious issue when it comes to a new stadium, and according to Keim, how the project will be paid for is something that has to be decided before the Commanders can even commit to a location. The Commanders returning to D.C. or remaining in Maryland are both options as well. Washington's playing contract at FedEx Field is set to expire in 2026.