The NHL's annual Winter Classic was held Tuesday at Notre Dame Stadium and it was one of the better installments of the outdoor game in recent memory, at least in terms of quality of play and venue prestige. 

However, in terms of stadium operations, it was apparently a bit of a disaster. About halfway through the game, various attendees began reporting that stadium vendors were running out of food and alcohol at the event. Yes, halfway (!) through. 

While a number of concession stands completely ran out of food, others were packed with massive lines that left fans stuck waiting for excessive periods of time. 

That's a pretty stunning failure for the host venue, especially considering the temperature at puck drop was around 35 degrees. Food and booze definitely helps when it comes to battling the temperatures at these types of outdoor events, so it's understandable that people were ticked off that the stadium was dealing with a shortage so early in the game. 

For what it's worth, this was the second-largest Winter Classic crowd since the NHL started running the event back in 2008. Notre Dame Stadium had a sellout crowd of 76,126 fans, second only to the 2014 Winter Classic at University of Michigan's "Big House," which had 105,491 fans in attendance.