Pete Blackburn


Red Sox sing 'Happy Birthday' to Alex Cora in clubhouse immediately after winning ALCS

Cora turned 43 on the same day the Red Sox clinched the ALCS

Red Sox's Mookie Betts robs home run with great catch and Astros fans wanted no part of interfering it

They've learned their lesson after that fan interference call in Game 4

Air Jordan rankings: A guy who knows nothing about sneakers ranks all 33 from worst to first

Money, it's gotta be the shoes! A non-sneakerhead offers fearless rankings on all 33 Air Jordans

Charles Barkley has some excellent thoughts on what could stop a Warriors' three-peat

Only bad luck and natural disasters can stop Golden State

Red Sox vs. Astros: Controversial fan interference plays huge role in first inning of Game 4

It was a costly interference committed by one of Houston's own

Dodgers vs. Brewers: Clayton Kershaw absolutely ruins Erik Kratz's life with this devastating curveball

Peak Kershaw showed up to Game 5 of the NLCS, and that was bad news for the Brewers catcher

Jamie Benn and Miles Wood went toe-to-toe in a heavy, old school hockey fight and traded bombs

Both guys traded big-time punches in a throwback style tilt

NFL Week 6 Celebration Grades: Marquise Goodwin revisits his Olympic days with long jump after TD

This week brought a variety of celebrations, including the year's best humblebrag

LOOK: Colin Kaepernick is looking to trademark an image of his face and hair

Kaepernick's face could be used for a variety of merchandise and events

LOOK: Gritty makes spectacular, high-flying entrance at Flyers' first home game

Gritty's rock-and-roll lifestyle slows down for no one

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