If someone loves something, it's probably a bad idea to antagonize them about that thing. Whether it be in terms of difficulty, relevance or just how good you have to be to do it. With that in mind, it's definitely a bad idea to say that you could go professional in a sport after six months of training, which is exactly what Jalen Ramsey told Mina Kimes about hockey in an ESPN feature published at the end of last month.

In response, ESPN's Emily Kaplan decided to ask a few NHL players what they thought of Ramsey's comments. And boy were they ever mad. The Sabres' Jack Eichel, the Blues' Vladimir Tarasenko, the Red Wings' Dylan Larkin, the Sharks' Evander Kane and the Blue Jackets' Seth Jones all took issue with what Ramsey said -- especially given that he's never skated.

Kane's comment is by far the most interesting, and it's impossible not to wonder what the star winger would look like as a defensive back. Larkin and Jones seemed stuck on the fact that he can't skate, whereas Eichel and Tarasenko took Ramsey's comments as a slight against the NHL as a whole.

NHL players are probably wondering why Ramsey is even coming after them, so the fact they're angry is justified. Maybe in six months we'll get a video of Ramsey shredding the ice to at least prove Larkin wrong, but it's unlikely we'll see him suiting up in the NHL any time soon.