Milwaukee Admirals fans will have a choice to make early next season. Admirals

On the heels of both major party conventions concluding, the 2016 presidential race is at the forefront of conversation throughout the country. Over the next three-plus months, political ads, articles and arguments will only dominate more. It can get a little overwhelming.

But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with the election, too. In that spirit, the Milwaukee Admirals, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Nashville Predators, unveiled one of their promotions for the upcoming season.

The team will be giving out bobbleheads in the likeness of each major party nominee, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Fans will have a chance to choose which of the two bobbleheads, dressed in full Admirals garb, they want. It's like a mini straw poll.

You have to appreciate the details on these bobbleheads as mini Mr. Trump is a right-hand shot and Secretary Clinton a lefty. And while so many bobbleheads seem to miss the mark on the face of the person they're supposed to be depicting. These look pretty close, though no bobblehead artist could ever truly capture the trademark coif of the Republican nominee, of course.

And let's not forget, as the Wisconsin-based minor league hockey team's bobblehead giveaway goes, so goes the nation. Or something like that.