Matt Duchene went flying after this hit from Dmitry Orlov. CSN Mid-Atlantic

They don't make hip checks like they used to. It's probably a good thing since they can be a bit on the dangerous side, but they still look cool (especially when they end without injury). However, Tuesday night, Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov hopped into the wayback machine and dusted off this old relic and Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene.

With the Avs center breaking into Washington's zone with speed, Orlov stayed patient. Duchene tried to move the puck past him and cut around Orlov, but the Caps defenseman wasn't having it. As Duchene made his quick cut, Orlov bent down. He ended up connecting with Duchene's thigh and followed through, launching the forward up and over.

Duchene couldn't quite stick the dismount there, but he did manage a full rotation.

The Capitals' broadcasters could barely contain themselves on that one. As analyst Craig Laughlin noted, he hadn't seen a hip check like that in 10 years and he might just be right.

While it is a visually stunning hit, it looks to be within the rules. We've seen a few "low-bridge" hits in recent years that ended with suspensions, but with the primary contact coming above Duchene's knee, this probably won't bring anything else. Orlov definitely got very, very low to deliver the hit, but not so low that he'd be at risk for a penalty or suspension or fine for clipping.

Duchene was fine, by the way, but there's no doubt he is going to remember that hit.