It's often said that the best referees in sports are the ones who remain nameless, but Wes McCauley might be the exception to that theory. 

The veteran NHL ref has a reputation of not only being a fair and balanced official, but also for being quite a showman from time to time. Calling infractions and reviewing plays on a nightly basis can be a somewhat monotonous and thankless job. As everyone knows, it's tough to make fans or friends being a referee.

So, every now and then, McCauley manages to spice up his calls a little bit. When he does, the result is pretty tremendous, and plenty of people have taken notice.

For instance, take this dramatic goal review determination from 2016. 

Then, last season, there was this outstandingly goofy fighting call in Boston.

And the latest wacky moment from McCauley came during Tuesday night's game at Madison Square Garden. As fans at the Ducks-Rangers game became increasingly annoyed by a lengthy goal review during the third period, McCauley decided to have some fun at the hometown fans' expense.

Luckily for those fans, their patience paid off when McCauley finally stopped toying with them and awarded a goal to Michael Grabner, one that helped the Rangers to a 4-1 victory against Anaheim.

No sports fan pays money to see referees put on a show, but McCauley has proven they can certainly add some entertainment value every so often. He does a good job of picking his spots, and when he decides to turn up the electricity, it's usually a real treat.