There have been many, many documented issues with the Olympics this year. From trash in the river, to Ryan Lochte being held at gunpoint, to cameras falling out of the sky, it's easy to get jaded when it comes to the games in Rio.

But let's not forget that one thing has risen above all else: True love. Or, at least, the belief that it still exists.

Numerous athletes got engaged in Rio. We here at CBS Sports root for all couples, but especially the ones that make events out of their proposals. The bigger -- or more hilarious -- the better. With that in mind, here are the top marriage proposals from this year's Summer Games...

So far.

6. Dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin and Dean Golding. According to USA Today, Dujardin and Golding were already engaged. Negative points for that (technicality). Still, Goulding's "Can we get married now?" sign is succinct and timely all the same. Have to admire the game.

Dujardin's finacee, Dean Golding, had a "Can we get married now?" sign. USATSI

5. Cyclists Jason Kenny and Laura Trott. This is technically another couple that's already engaged, so we can't rank them too high. Still, the pair met during the 2012 games in London. Who says the Olympic Village is only good for hook-ups?

4. Stadium manager Marjorie Enya and rugby player Isadora Cerullo. Enya made her move on her partner of two years after Brazil's final rugby match of the Olympics. This marriage proposal had a megaphone and everything. Props for going loud and public.

3. Divers Qin Kai and He Zi. Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships. Qin Kai had the proposal that launched a thousand hot, molten takes about public displays of affection. Any couple that inspires as much deserves bonus points. Zi had just received a silver medal in the women's three-meter springboard when Kai made his proposal. A look over the pictures indicates maybe -- just maybe -- Zi wasn't totally happy by the move. Still, she said yes.

Zi had just won a silver medal when she was proposed to by Qin Kai. USATSI

2. Triple jumper Will Claye and hurdler Queen Harrison. Instant points go to Claye for securing a woman named "Queen." Even better was the way he proposed to Harrison -- again, bigger and flashier is better. Moments after winning the silver medal in the triple jump, Claye ran into the crowd and made his move. Check out Harrison's reaction below.

1. Swimmers Aliaksandra Herasimenia and Yauhen Tsurkin. It is my firm belief that any healthy relationship requires a good amount of ribbing between one another. For one, laughter is always a good sign for couples. Secondly, every person needs to be taken down a peg or two, and no one has more dirt on you than your significant other.

That's why Herasimenia and Tsurkin, who got engaged at the beginning of this year's games, get the No. 1 spot. Herasimenia won a bronze medal in the 50-meter freestyle. Tsurkin didn't come close to medaling in his events.

"I had a great Olympics and he did not swim so good," said Herasimenia to USA Today. "But I love him anyway. Even if he could not swim at all."

Oh man, the shade in that comment. Priceless.