It's 2018, and "The Simpsons'" creators are still spooky. What did they do this time? Thanks for asking. On Feb. 14, 2010, the episode "Boy Meets Curl" aired. In that episode, Homer and Marge joined the USA curling team and led them to gold. The silver medalist? Sweden. Bronze? Russia. Obviously, Switzerland took bronze in this year's Games instead of Russia, but that was probably a red herring from the writers to throw us off the scent.

It's not the first time the writers have given us some spooky predictions. The show predicted President Trump, Lady Gaga's halftime show, Disney buying Fox and the 2016 Nobel Prize winner. There are only two explanations: The writers of the Simpsons are time travelers or we have a "Pagemaster" situation where the words penned come to life. If it's the latter, I have some suggestions for the next episode.

Seriously, it's getting weird. Or it's gotten weird. A lot of shows predict things, but they're generally culture shifts. The things that "The Simpsons" nails tend to be weirdly specific.

USA curling has never been particularly competitive, and wasn't expected to make a splash at this year's Games. Indeed, it took an incredible run to make it to the medal round, and an even more amazing one to win gold. It's actually also pretty amazing that "The Simpsons" writers got Canada being left off the podium right. But it's less impressive since they've obviously seen it before.