Alexei Pushkarev, right, was among the Russian bobsledders disqualified for doping.  Getty Images

Three more Russian Olympians have been retroactively disqualified from the 2014 Games that occurred in Sochi. This time it's bobsledders Alexander Kasyanov, Alexei Pushkarev and Ilyir Khuzin. The disqualification comes due to a widespread doping scandal that Russia operated during the 2014 Olympics.

The Russian teammates would have ended up being bronze after the gold-winning Russian sled team was disqualified for doping. The newly disqualifed team finished in fourth during the initial event. Alexander Zubkob, who won gold twice and currently serves as the president of the Russian Bobsled Federation, was also banned.

The bronze medal is now slated to go to the British team should the International Olympic Committee redistribute the medals. It would be Britain's first bobsled medal since 1998, albeit coming by unconventional terms. President Vladimir Putin has discredited the scandal from the start, saying the US is using the allegations "to discredit his government."

One of the terms of the sanctions against Russia included admitting that there was a doping scandal. Russia has failed to do so at this point, and the lack of cooperation likely means that more sanctions are coming. As the 2018 games in PyeongChang draw closer, the windfall will likely continue for the Russian team.