Following what transpired in Rio de Janeiro and the aftermath, some might encourage Ryan Lochte to keep a low profile for a while -- take a vacation, do some soul-searching, spend some time with the family.

Instead it looks like Lochte will thrust himself even further into the spotlight -- quite literally.

According to USA Today, Lochte has signed on to appear on season 23 of the ABC reality show, "Dancing with the Stars." The decision has not been announced publicly but USA Today is confident in its source, who said that the deal was in the works before Lochte got into trouble in Rio.

Ryan Lochte will reportedly join the cast of 'Dancing with the Stars.' Getty Images

The last few weeks have been rough for Lochte, who admitted to partially fabricating a story about him and three of his teammates being robbed by men posing as police officers. He told the story to Rio police as well as NBC reporters following the alleged incident.

Lochte has publicly apologized, but was dropped by all four of his major sponsors on Monday -- which could be why he was eager to lock down a deal to appear on the show.

You can watch Lochte and the other contestants compete beginning on Sept. 12. We'll see if he's forced to do the samba -- a traditional Brazilian dance.