The Olympics may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop talking about Ryan Lochte.

In the continuing fallout from one of the biggest stories from the 2016 Rio Olympics, a story from posted on Sunday details exactly how the whole Lochte robbery story came to the forefront.

Turns out it happened -- well -- by accident.

According to SI, Fox Sports Australia reporter Ben Way and a camera person were on their way back from conducting an interview with Australian swimmer Mack Horton. They tried to catch a cab but couldn't get one, so they instead boarded a shuttle that made stops at various hotels and the main press center.

On the shuttle they helped a middle-aged woman onto the bus who appeared to be hobbling. It was Ryan Lochte's mother, Ileana.

Way recounted the story to SI:

She proceeded to tell me how terrible her stay had been. She'd broken her foot and now her son had been held up at gunpoint. I said 'That's terrible? Is he OK?'

She said, 'Yes, he's back at the village.' I responded 'Is he an athlete?' To which she replied: 'Yes, and he is prone to big nights and that sort of stuff. He has bleached white hair, or grey hair, or blue hair, I don't really know what it is.' My cameraman asked, 'Is your son Ryan Lochte?' To which she said, 'Yes, he is.'

Ileana Lochte proceeded to tell Way what her son had told her earlier about being robbed at gunpoint and having his wallet stolen.

After she declined to be interviewed on camera, she went to meet her son and Way called his employer in Australia. The story ran on Fox Sports Australia and then Way dropped the tweet that started an unexpected chain of events.

So were it not for the kindness of strangers, the whole #LochMess may never have gotten out. This story just keeps getting crazier.