The latest reminder of Simone Biles's consistent athletic superiority to the average reader comes from the Olympic and world champion's Twitter page. The 22-year-old gymnast posted a video of her at an axe-throwing venue trying to, well, throw an axe at a bullseye. 

Unsurprisingly, the video shows Biles hitting the target square in the middle, and turning around to scream with excitement along with everyone else who was just out of frame of the video. Perhaps the most relatable part of the clip comes towards the end when you can hear Biles say "ok, I'm done." Who amongst us hasn't decided that quitting while we were ahead was our best option? 

The only available evidence of her amateur axe throwing career is almost consistent with that of her gymnastics career. She's one-for-one on perfect axe throws, and currently has a combined 30 Olympic and world championship medals. The latter total is one she hopes to increase with her performance at the Tokyo Games this summer, something that is all but guaranteed given her recent stretch of dominance in the sport. Also impressive is the fact that Biles has set the bar so high for herself that all she can do is match what she's done before. She could be the first female gymnast to win five gold medals at a single Olympics, and the first female athlete to do so in any sport since East German swimmer Kristin Otto in 1988--this would be a repeat for Biles as it would match what she did at the 2019 World Championships.