European Super League: All six Premier League clubs exit as competition suspends plans

The proposed European Super League is done, for now. The league announced late on Tuesday that it was suspending its current plans as clubs involved begin to back out. All six Premier League clubs who initially joined the league on Sunday night had announced plans to drop out of the competition by Tuesday. Chelsea and Manchester City did so earlier in the day and Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham followed suit later in the night. By Wednesday as Italian clubs also began abandoning the project, with sources at Milan confirming to CBS Sports that they are drafting a statement that will imminently confirm that they are also leaving the Super League , Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli one of the main architects of the Super League conceded the project would not go ahead.

Here's the statement from the Super League:

The European Super League is convinced that the current status quo of European football needs to change.

We are proposing a new European competition because the existing system does not work. Our proposal is aimed at allowing the sport to evolve while generating resources and stability for the full football pyramid, including helping to overcome the financial difficulties experienced by the entire football community as a result of the pandemic. It would also provide materially enhanced solidarity payments to all football stakeholders.

Despite the announced departure of the English clubs, forced to take such decisions due the pressure out on them, we are convinced our proposal is fully aligned with European law and regulations as was demonstrated today by a court decision to protect the Super League from third party actions.

Given the current circumstances, we shall reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project, always having in mind our goals of offering fans the best experience possible while enhancing solidarity payments for the entire football community.

The breakaway competition, which was announced Sunday, would have seen 12 clubs break away from UEFA's Champions League and Europa League competitions. The six Premier League clubs, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan were announced as founding members on Sunday night. Last season's UCL finalists Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich emerged as the most notable opposers of the idea.

It is unclear and seems impossible that the competition could move forward and be a legit, big competition with its biggest brands having backed out. Considering the owners of Manchester United and Arsenal, for example, where set to hold high positions within the league and now their clubs have withdrawn, it is back to the drawing board for all those still involved. 

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The plan for a Super League was opposed by plenty of notable names, including FIFA president Gianni Infantino and UEFA counterpart Aleksander Ceferin. Players, managers and fans also spoke out against it, with Chelsea supporters gathering Tuesday outside of Stamford Bridge before the Blues' Premier League clash against Brighton. The paperwork will now need to be completed for the teams to withdraw from the Super League with the Champions League since reformed after UEFA proposals were voted through earlier this week.

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Our Fabrizio Romano gives you an inside look at how Bruno Fernandes and Luke Shaw played a pivotal role in intervening Manchester United's Super League plans:

"From a behind-the-scenes perspective, there were plenty of concerns in the Manchester United camp before they officially backed out. The only executive to have resigned before Wednesday was Ed Woodward, who will leave his position as executive vice-chairman of the club at the end of 2021

"On Monday, Woodward had a direct meeting with Bruno Fernandes and Luke Shaw to represent the team. No other United executive joined Woodward. It's also no coincidence that the Portuguese, who is one of the most active players of Manchester United squad with great leadership, was one of the first top players in the world to publicly address his feelings against the Super League hours following its announcement."

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April 21, 2021, 2:20 AM

Craving even more coverage of the Super League drama? Listen below and follow ¡Qué Golazo! A Daily CBS Soccer Podcast where we take you beyond the pitch and around the globe for an emergency episode

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Super League officially suspended, they announced. What a wild nearly 48 hours.

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April 20, 2021, 11:19 PM

Liverpool have also just released a statement:

Liverpool Football Club can confirm that our involvement in proposed plans to form a European Super League has been discontinued.

In recent days, the club has received representations from various key stakeholders, both internally and externally, and we would like to thank them for their valuable contributions.

The official statement from Tottenham:

We can confirm that we have formally commenced procedures to withdraw from the group developing proposals for a European Super League (ESL).

Chairman Daniel Levy said: "We regret the anxiety and upset caused by the ESL proposal. We felt it was important that our club participated in the development of a possible new structure that sought to better ensure financial fair play and financial sustainability whilst delivering significantly increased support for the wider football pyramid.

"We believe that we should never stand still and that the sport should constantly review competitions and governance to ensure the game we all love continues to evolve and excite fans around the world.

"We should like to thank all those supporters who presented their considered opinions."

Liverpool now!

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April 20, 2021, 9:57 PM
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