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A dog had a ball interrupting a Bolivian soccer match on Christmas Eve in the country's top flight division. Well, technically, he had a soccer shoe as he nabbed the equipment from the sideline and began sprinting around the pitch prior to one of the players picking him up and carrying him off.

The very good pup halted play in a match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosi where the former of the two clubs took the victory, 3-0. Raul Castro, who plays for The Strongest, was able to corral the pup and take him off of the field of play.

According, to Bolivian publication Pagina Siete, Castro confirmed that he was going to adopt the dog, nicknamed "Cachito" by supporters of the club. He was able to find the dog after a shelter found the same dog injured in the center of La Paz.

"I don't have any social media so I found out from my teammates, who told me," Castro said. "I contacted the shelter and told them that I will adopt the dog. I will adopt him when I return to La Paz because I'm now traveling to Santa Cruz."

He added that the he has already put down a deposit for the dog, who is being treated by medical staff until Castro returns