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OL Reign star Megan Rapinoe registered her first regular-season goal in more than 1,000 days as her side defeated the Portland Thorns 2-1 in the Cascadia rivalry on Sunday. When Rapinoe found the back of the net off a free kick, she took that opportunity to have a little bit of fun with the Portland fans at Providence Park.

"Obviously the Thorns fans need no introduction -- they're incredible," Rapinoe said after the game. "They have one big problem, though. It's that they love me, so it's really difficult for them to cheer against me. So when I scored, I had to go right over and talk my shit.

"I was trying to talk shit and to [Portland fans] and they just did not know what to do. And then finally somebody gave me a big, double f--- you middle fingers up and I was like 'That's what I'm talking about! That's the kind of rivalry that we want!'"

Rapinoe was able to sneak her free kick past Portland and United States national team goalkeeper Adrianna Franch. After Rapinoe saw the ball go on, she made her way over to the end line and had some choice words for the Portland fans. Check out the video below:

The Thorns are known for being some of the passionate (and rowdy) fans in the NWSL, but it wasn't enough as Rapinoe and the Reign were able to come away with the victory in the Cascadia Derby, the first win of the 2021 regular season for the Reign.

"The Thorns are always assholes," Rapinoe added. "Everyone hates them. That's the general vibe. They're always good, they've got the best stadium, they've got the best fans, you know they always have incredible talent on the field, so everybody's always gunning for [them]."

It's safe to say that there's not any love loss between Rapinoe and the Thorns faithful.