George Mason basketball sends letter to 10-year-old [UPDATE]

Jaden Jones is a name you might end up knowing as well as Andrew Wiggins seven years from now. Or maybe you'll read the name here, then forget about it forever. It's impossible to tell what will become of Jaden Jones' name because Jaden Jones is not yet even 11 years old and is already garnering attention nationally. -- a site whose existence is causing me to post this blog entry from my shower -- was the first to report that 10-year-old Jones receieved a letter from George Mason recently. Jones is from the greater-Dallas region. Schools get requests all the time for coaches to send letters to young kids for varying reasons, so it's important to note here: a source told that the letter received is in no way a recruiting letter. Jones' father is a longtime friend with a GMU assistant, and the letter was done as a favor and as means of a nice keepsake for the young boy, according to the source.

GMU's letter to Jaden Jones. (via Yahoo Sports)

Per the YouTube description on the video above, it states, "George Mason refuted the letter as a letter of interest. They said it was more of a letter of encouragement to keep the kid on track."

"He didn't give him an offer like a firm offer to come to the school," Jaden's father, Jerel, told Fox4 in Dallas. "It was just a letter for him to, you know, keep his grades good in school, which has worked. Since he gotten the letter, he's gotten good grades and it's just been a good thing. It's a fun thing."

Coaches often can send upbeat letters of encouragement as souvenirs for young players.

This story comes via Yahoo Sports, which aggregated it from The link on Jones' and recent news for receiving the letter are now expired on that site.

The lines for when a kid changes from being "just a kid" to worthy of evaluation for recruiting's sake remain blurry as ever, and even if it's definitively not the case happening here, schools do look into middle school prospects, and it's become a bigger part of the recruiting business in the past decade.

If Jaden Jones winds up being good enough to play Division I hoops, he'll be in the ... wait for it ... Class of 2021. That seems impossibly far down the road. Give it a few more years, everyone.

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