Jamie Dixon dresses in 'Duck Dynasty' garb for 'Morning Madness'

Panthers coach Jamie Dixon decided to go the
Panthers coach Jamie Dixon decided to go the "Duck Dynasty" route. Why? No idea. (Pitt Athletics)

The first possible weekend to hold Midnight Madness-type festivities for college basketball programs was this past one. And yet, not many schools took advantage. In fact, I believe Pittsburgh was the only major program to not wait to inaugurate its 2013-14 campaign.

A year after holding its Midnight Madness party outside, in the road, the Panthers bucked conventions again and opted to go with a "Morning Madness" theme, holding an open practice/dunk contest/basketball get-together prior to the Virginia-Pitt football game/Homecoming festivities later in the afternoon. The Panthers' basketball program took to Stage AE in Pittsburgh and brought in a capacity crowd of 4,000 people.

And Jamie Dixon opted to wear, as you can see above, that. Dressing as something called "Uncle Si" from "Duck Dynasty," Dixon was happily received. I don't get the show's appeal, but at least Dixon picked a more contemporary costume for this year. In 2012 he opted for the out-of-vogue Jackie Moon look, going as a character from a poorly received Will Ferrell movie that was released four years prior.

Here's a brief video from the event, Dixon included.

What's crazy: According to Pittsburgh, Dixon is a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild. He had a childhoood that involved doing work in commercials. (Are these things floating around the Web? I can't find 'em.) Alas, Dixon hasn't been prone to show his thespian side outside of these two preseason events. Let's hope that changes soon. Some local business give Dixon a reason to don another costume, STAT.

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