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One of the best games of any college football season kicks off Saturday at 3 p.m. ET on CBS. Army vs. Navy is set and with it comes a wrinkle to the tradition and lore: uniforms. Both schools have gone all out in recent years with new designs for the game and they are always among the best alternate sets for the year. Now, Army and Navy will be sporting new threads for the 121st edition of the rivalry game.

First up was Army, which released its "Tropic Lightning," (not to be confused with the greatest comedic achievement in cinema in our lifetime, "Tropic Thunder") threads over the Thanksgiving weekend. The uniforms honor the 25th Infantry Division during the Korean War. 

"Among their division, the wolfhounds struck fear into the enemy with their ferocious fighting nature in combat," Army's website says. "The Wolfhounds live up to their motto with a no fear on Earth mindset."

Here's a closer look at the uniforms: 

Army Athletics
Army Athletics

A few days later, Navy took its turn revealing its uniform combination celebrating the academy's 175th anniversary. 

"Inspired by the historic architecture, the 2020 Navy uniform highlights the marble stone pattern featured in its landmark buildings: the Naval Academy Chapel and Bancroft Hall," Navy's website reads. "The high contrast of the white veins on the navy stone liken to that of the whitecaps on the rough open seas. This custom pattern was appropriately named 'Ocean Camo' by the Under Armour design team."

Navy's release continues: "This year's Army-Navy uniform pays tribute to the Naval Academy with numerous special features as seen on the Yard with the first being the blue and white marble pattern of the helmet and shoulders. The stone is a prominent accent on the Naval Academy grounds and can be seen in the crypt of John Paul Jones and within Bancroft Hall. Jones – who has been laid to rest in the Naval Academy Chapel – is the Father of the American Navy. Bancroft Hall – the largest dormitory in the country – is named after George Bancroft who founded the Naval Academy during his time as Secretary of the Navy."

Here's another look: 

Navy Athletics

Both websites are worth checking out. Army and Navy do a great job of not only rolling out sharp uniforms, but promoting them and telling their stories. They're not your standard press releases. 

Army-Navy will be played at West Point today. The game was moved from Philadelphia due to attendance limits placed on outdoor events in Pennsylvania. It'll be the first time the game has been played on a campus since 1943. Navy leads in the all-time series 61-52.