A group of Alabama fans tracked down the scalper who sold them fake tickets Monday's College Football Playoff title game between the Tide and the eventual national champion Clemson Tigers in this edition of vigilante justice on the college football beat.

Joseph Steven Escalera, 20, from Orlando, sold counterfeit tickets to two Alabama fans for $1,000 a piece the day before the game. After the hustle was exposed, the two fans notified police and orchestrated a sting operation on Escalera using another email address to arrange another ticket purchase for Monday.

via the Tampa Bay Times:

But as scalper Joseph Steven Escalera began the transaction, his customer's two brothers snuck up from behind. One pinned Escalera to his chair, pinching a nerve between his neck and shoulder while holding a long, cold object to the back of his head. The other two took his shoes and socks, as well as six tickets to that night's game they found tucked in Escalera's waistband.

The long, cold object was a Coca-Cola bottle.

The "hold-up" lasted for 10 minutes until police arrived and arrested Escalera. According to the Times, he was one of seven people arrested for selling or attempting to sell counterfeit tickets to the title game.