Jim Harbaugh's recruiting tour this month has been quite eventful. He's had a few sleepovers, gone to classes with recruits and even climbed a tree to retrieve a football that got stuck. 

Few coaches are as aggressive as Harbaugh in recruiting and his most recent sleepover was with four-star defensive lineman Connor Murphy (Phoenix, Ari.) on Wednesday. Murphy called in to the Sports360 AZ radio show and explained what one does on a sleepover with Harbaugh. 

"He got to my house around 1 a.m., we ate some banana bread and drank some ice cold milk," said Murphy. "That's his favorite, 2 percent milk, so we made sure to give him a whole gallon of that. We chatted it up probably for another hour and then hit the hay."

That sounds like some of the most Harbaugh activities possible. They even had an entire gallon of 2 percent milk ready for Harbaugh. 

When they got up, they both went to school, where Harbaugh joined Murphy in his English class. 

"This morning, he drove with me in my truck for school," said Murphy. "That was a lot of fun, all the kids in my school they were all outside with their Michigan sweatshirts on outside. It was fun, it was a blast for sure.

"He was in my English class with me. We're working on a blog post in English class and he was editing my blog and giving me advice."

The biggest thing I took from this is that high school English classes now teach how to blog and Jim Harbaugh is an editor at heart. 

As for whether all of these gimmicks and sleepovers make a difference with recruits, Murphy said it has a big impact. 

"I think it really does [make a difference]," said Murphy. "Honestly Michigan is in my top five...so, yeah, just for Coach Harbaugh to come out here and do all this, it shows his dedication and passion for the game and to his recruits and what a team guy he is. So yeah, it does mean a lot to me and obviously I'm taking my official visit this week and can't wait to get out there and meet the rest of the coaching staff."

As funny and ridiculous as some of these recruiting visits are, they work with the recruits and make an impact beyond what most coaching visits have. Keep doing you, Harbaugh. We'll see if Murphy chooses Michigan over Oregon, Alabama, USC and Arizona State come National Signing Day.

Jim Harbaugh (USATSI)
A Jim Harbaugh recruiting visit is unlike most coaching visits. (USATSI)