Football is the furthest thing on the minds of the people of Houston at the moment. Hurricane Harvey, now downgraded to a tropical storm, has submerged Houston and the gulf coast of Texas under feet of water with torrential rainfall expected to exceed 50 inches in some spots -- the highest ever recorded in Texas -- before it's all said and done. The flooding is approaching historic levels and the National Weather Service has called the storm "unprecedented [and] all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced." 

Still, as minor as they may be in comparison, there are football logistics to figure out. One of the games potentially impacted by Harvey is the Week 1 matchup between BYU and LSU at Houston's NRG Stadium, as it appears unlikely that game will be held at its intended neutral site location. 

SB Nation reported Sunday morning that "both schools will meet with ESPN on Sunday to discuss moving the game away" from Houston. The two sites considered for relocation are LSU's Tiger Stadium and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Both sides are reportedly committed to playing Saturday as BYU's school policy prohibits playing on Sundays. 

Ross Dellenger of The Advocate added that while Superdome officials said they have not been contacted about hosting the game, they are open to it.

NRG Stadium is currently a site for ongoing emergency operations. However, even getting to the area has been a struggle with the flooding. 

This projects to be the third time in as many years that LSU will have a game moved because of weather. Last year, a road trip at Florida was relocated to Baton Rouge because of Hurricane Matthew. In 2015, LSU vs. South Carolina was also moved to Baton Rouge because of flooding. 

Harvey has already affected other football programs as they prepare for the 2017 season. Houston relocated to Austin this weekend to hold practices at Texas' campus and UH president Renu Khator announced that the school is closing Tuesday and Wednesday. While Austin has been hit with bands of heavy rain and bursts of high winds since early Saturday morning, the city has been affected far less than the Gulf area. Sam Houston State's season-opener vs. Richmond has also been postponed because of the storm.