Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin has a championship-caliber team on the field and surging confidence every time he logs on to Twitter off the field.

Kiffin has also made a habit through the year of trolling his old boss, Nick Saban, as well as Alabama and SEC fans in general. When he came across a meme that calls out Saban for changing his stance on conference champions making the playoff, Kiffin not only shared the meme on Twitter but had to add his own little twist. 

"Can you rat poison yourself?" 

It should be noted that the meme is misleading since it takes Saban's quote out of context. 

Kiffin loves the roll of the troll in today's media environment. He's often live-tweeting Paul Finebaum's daily show and relishes the opportunity to get a rise out of fans. To his credit, Kiffin has always been complimentary of Saban and the Alabama program and usually his Saban-related jokes fall on the light-hearted side. 

With less games to preview, Tennessee's coaching search in an uproar and fan interest peaking, this is truly the perfect season for Kiffin to step into the spotlight.

FAU plays North Texas on Saturday for the Conference USA championship in Boca Raton, Florida.