LOOK: Jim McElwain is selling his own brand of barbecue sauce at The Swamp

Jim McElwain has had trouble spicing up the Florida offense, so now he's trying to spice up your grill.

When the Gators take on Tennessee at The Swamp this Saturday, fans in attendance will be able to buy McElwain's own brand of barbecue sauce. McElwain and his wife, Karen, have worked on the sauce throughout his coaching career, developing the recipe and adding to it with each new stop along the way.

Now it's ready for public consumption.

From the Gainesville Sun:

On Saturday at The Swamp, the McElwains' special barbecue sauce will be launched. The sauce will be available at selected concession stands during the Florida-Tennessee game and will soon be marketed at Gainesville stores with an eye toward expansion statewide and nationwide.

"It's a dream come true," Karen McElwain said.

The sauce is called Mac and Blondie's Mombo3, with Mombo being a tribute to Jim McElwain's mother, and the three is the number of children the McElwain's have.

While I have never tasted Mombo3, according to the McElwain's business partner Marty Hurwitz, the sauce is a "perfume for the mouth. Sweet at first, then tangy and finally a kick at the end."

I'm sure Gators fans will buy plenty of it on Saturday to either celebrate a win or to make another loss a little easier to swallow.

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