LOOK: Liberty punter ejected for extreme targeting vs. Army, and he clearly deserved it

Targeting is one of the most controversial penalty calls in college football simply because, like pass interference, it's not always easy to delineate between a tackler targeting a ballcarrier, or the ballcarrier causing the targeting foul to occur.

And then, once in a while, it's clear as day.

This is not just targeting on Liberty's punter Aidan Alves, it's TARGETING. Alves didn't even attempt to use his arms; he just lowered his head like a ram fighting another ram for the right to mate with a female.

This is not just a technique that is 150 percent incorrect, it's dangerous to the ball carrier and the tackler himself.

CBS Sports Writer

Tom Fornelli has been a college football writer at CBS Sports since 2010. During his time at CBS, Tom has proven time and again that he hates your favorite team and thinks your rival is a paragon of football... Full Bio

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