I've found myself growing weary of the turnover props this season. It was a great idea when Miami busted out the Turnover Chain last season, but as is the case with a lot of things, when everybody starts doing it, the novelty wears off quickly.

But not all of them are bad. In fact, some of the props are quite good. For instance, Oregon State has a turnover chainsaw.

Get it? Because they're the Beavers and Beavers chew down trees and build their homes out of them. Well, the players aren't actual beavers, so they can't chew through trees -- four out of five dentists do not recommend it, and that fifth dentist has been locked up for insurance fraud before -- and instead must use chainsaws.

What would be even better is if Oregon State kept all the footballs from each individual turnover and built a Beaver Turnover Dam out of them on campus.