LSU is banning former star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. from its facilities for two years after he appeared to hand wads of cash to LSU players following the team's national championship victory over Clemson in January, according to a report from Sports Illustrated. LSU officials suggested in the aftermath of the incident that the bills were counterfeit, but the school's compliance office started an investigation into the incident and the team's star quarterback Joe Burrow told "Pardon My Take" that the money was real.

The ban given to Beckham by LSU is just one self-imposed step the school is taking in an effort to avoid additional NCAA penalties in response to alleged rules violations, according to SI's report. LSU is also voluntarily reducing its scholarship count by eight over the next two years and docking itself some recruiting time. The moves come as a violations case involving LSU's football and basketball programs matriculates through the NCAA's new Independent Accountability Resolution Process.

"LSU has worked proactively and in cooperation with the NCAA to identify and self-report any violations that occurred within our football program," LSU senior associate athletic director Robert Munson said in a statement. "We believe these self-imposed penalties are appropriate and we will continue to coordinate and with the NCAA on this matter."

Among the alleged violations pertaining to LSU football is that a booster funneled money that he embezzled from a Louisiana hospital foundation to the family of a player.