Mississippi State fans set simultaneous cowbell-ringing record

The Guinness World Record for "Most People Ringing Cowbells Simultaneously" couldn't really be set anywhere other than Starkville, could it? 

No, no it could not. Which is why it was set in Starkville on Thursday night at the "Cowbell Yell," a Thursday night pep rally before Saturday's showdown with visiting LSU. The Bulldogs have not beaten the Tigers in Starkville since 1999.

Per the Clarion-Ledger, there should be far, far more than 5,748 Bulldog fans ringing their cowbells during Saturday's game, but the Guinness official on hand needed an exact tally of cowbells to verify the record -- a tally taken as cowbell-carrying participants entered Davis Wade Stadium for the Cowbell Yell. The logistics of taking that tally on gameday (as 55,000 fans enter the stadium) are apparently too difficult to make the record official.

The previous record according to the Guinness website was 640 cowbell-ringers in Switzerland in 2009. Approximately 1,000 ringers participated in an attempt to set the record in Royal Oak, Mich. just last month. So that Bulldogs fans were able to claim the mark Thursday doesn't come as a surprise.

And via well-named Mississippi State blog For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, yes, Dak Prescott was on hand:

Cowbells and Mississippi State fans go together like PB and J. (USATSI)
Cowbells and Mississippi State fans go together like PB and J. (USATSI)
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