It's bad enough when grown ass adults go on social media and try to lure recruits to go to their favorite school, as if tweeting "Your (sic) awesome! Love watching your tape! #TeamHashtag" at some 17-year-old kid is going to be the major turning point in his recruitment.

You know, because he's spent the last year trying to figure out where he wants to spend the next four years of his life, and which school offers him the best shot to achieve his goals -- whatever they are, be it the NFL, or a degree -- but damn it, it's just so hard to make the decision! If only some stranger on Twitter would show him the light.

Like I said, that's bad enough.

What's worse is when college coaches actually start subtweeting recruits on social media after things don't go their way. While he certainly isn't the first, Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy became the latest coach to fall into the #MadOnline trap Wednesday. Hours after four-star offensive lineman Creed Humphrey committed to Texas A&M, Gundy fired off this tweet.

Now, sure, it's entirely possible that this is all just a coincidence and Gundy wasn't directing this tweet at Humphrey -- even if Gundy was one of the two Oklahoma assistants who are listed as Humphrey's primary recruiters at Oklahoma and even if it was just a few hours later.

Or it's exactly what it looks like, and Gundy is just upset about losing out on somebody he no doubt spent a lot of time working with.

All this I understand. I'm on Twitter, and I get annoyed on Twitter, too.

If I'm Gundy, and I spent a lot of time recruiting Humphrey, I'm sure there'd be a part of me that was upset to lose him to Texas A&M or anybody, but I wouldn't air out those grievances on Twitter.

Humphrey had the maturity to make a major decision in his life. You'd like to think Gundy, or any coach, has the maturity to air their grievances privately, rather than trying to make a teenager look worse publicly.

Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy was #MadOnline. @OU_CoachGundy