Championship teams across all sports routinely make trips to the White House after winning titles, and Clemson is no different. The Tigers, who topped Alabama 44-16 last week in Santa Clara, California, made the trek to Washington D.C. on Monday, but didn't exactly get the typical 5-star treatment.

The White House is operating with a smaller staff due to the federal government shutdown, and President Donald Trump is paying for meals for the Clemson contingent himself. 

It turns out that the spread includes McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and pizza -- all served on fine silver platters under the glow of romantic candlelight.

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott got a close up of one of the main entrees of the mid-January feast. 

The presentation of the various dishes is stunning.

President Donald Trump made comments on the spread prior to the arrival of the Clemson players and coaches.

An interesting ... nugget (I apologize for that) ... is the absence of heating lamps for some of these items. Are these menu items even warm? Will Clemson's nutrition staff object to the White House putting its players at risk with unhealthy food? What is on the menu for dessert? Will it be regular ice cream or the healthier frozen yogurt for the title-winning athletes?

This has to go down as one of the most bizarre White House visits of all-time.