SEC will consider Notre Dame, BYU and Army as Power Five opponents

Army has won only 37 games since the 2005 season
Army has won only 37 games since the 2005 season. (USATSI)

Good news for Notre Dame, BYU and Army: it'll be a lot easier to schedule games against SEC opponents in the future. 

According to a report from's Brett McMurphy, the SEC will now view Notre Dame, BYU and Army as Power Five opponents, satisfying the conference's requirement that each school plays at least one non-conference game against a Power Five school.

This means that every single athletic director in the SEC was on the phone with Army this morning trying to schedule a game.

I mean, it's obvious that Notre Dame should count as a Power Five opponent considering its history as a program and with the BCS and College Football Playoff. Then there's BYU, which may not have the same history as Notre Dame, but is a very respectable program and plays a difficult schedule each season.

But Army?

I know Army has a lot of history as a football program, but none of its success has really come at any point within the last half-century. In fact, in the last 10 seasons (since 2005), Army has won a total of 37 games and has played in one bowl game since 1997.

It's not exactly a powerhouse these days, so to consider it a Power Five opponent seems to be a bit of a stretch, no?

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