Les Miles netted LSU a top five 2016 recruiting class on Wednesday, according to the 247Sports Composite Team Rankings. But who cares about that. What I'm interested in is why Miles started eating grass. He explained that to Brady Quinn and friends.

"You would figure that a guy that spent as much time on actual natural turf would understand a quality blade of grass and how it changes the taste in one's mouth," Miles said to Quinn referencing his time on that long, lush Notre Dame grass. 

"Maybe so coach," laughed Quinn. "I'll leave that one to you. I haven't tasted any so I wouldn't know."

"You must have never played right field," said Miles. "That was the dubious distinction I had. Nobody hit the ball out there, and you needed something to do." 

So there you go. Les Miles started eating grass because he played right field and needed something to do. 

Les Miles is the best. (USATSI)
Les Miles is the best. (USATSI)